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Duties and Responsibilities of Committee Members and Club Officers

The Club Structure

The Portsmouth and District Barbershop Harmony Club (P&DBHC) is a Club run by its members, for its members, with its members. The effective running of the Club depends upon members taking on voluntary work roles within the Club. It is important for every member to have some idea about how the Club functions, and how each role fits and contributes to the effective running of the Club and Chorus. In a small friendly Club, run by volunteers, there are many interconnections and overlapping of functions that support every role. Structurally there are natural clusters of roles around significant functions as well as overlapping and interconnections.
The main functions and clusters of roles are as follows:

Singing & Music:
Musical Director, Assistant Musical Director and Music Team
Chair, Vice Chair and Immediate Past Chair
Chair, Vice Chair, Club Secretary and Membership Officer
Treasurer, Auditors and Member Officer
Public Relations:
PRO, IT Officer and Singout Liaison Officer
Presence & Conduct:
Chorus Manager and Material Assets Officer

Management committee members are elected each year at the AGM in accordance with the Club Rules as set out in section 5. The committee may make appointments, from time to time, to help them with the efficient running of the Club as in rule 5.3. The purpose of the management committee is to ensure the Club runs effectively and efficiently enabling the Music Team to concentrate their energies upon promoting quality barbershop singing.

Management Committee and Music Team Role Descriptions

Function CoordinationTop of Page

The work of the management committee needs to be co-ordinated so that all the roles work together efficiently and effectively and enables the Club to promote and develop barbershop singing. It requires leadership, direction and policy development which are principal tasks for the Chair, Vice Chair and Immediate Past Chair. These roles in particular need to establish and maintain a good working relationship with the Music Director and all management committee have a part to play.

Position Description Significant Responsibilities
Immediate Past Chair The purpose of this role is to maintain continuity between the work of the new Chair and the past Chair and is therefore a non-elected post lasting for one year.
  • A full member of the management committee with voting rights
  • Supports the Chair as they take up their new role
  • Assists by advising the Chair, as appropriate, on matters of policy and policy development
The Chair The purpose of this role is to lead the administrative direction of the Club and involves reviewing past performance and setting an agenda for the future. The Chair is normally a role developed from the Vice-Chair which after one year results in the role of IPC which is a non-elected post.
  • Chairs the Management Committee, AGM and EGM meetings
  • Agrees the agenda and priorities with the Club Secretary
  • Signs off all minutes produced by the Club Secretary
  • Develops and implements appropriate Club policies and rules
  • Has the casting vote at Committee, AGM and EGM
  • Oversees all admin matters relating to P&DBHC
  • Represents the Club to external bodies
  • Ensures that BABS ethics and ethos are practised by the Club
The Vice-Chair The purpose of this role is to support the Chair, deputises for the Chair and takes on the role in their absence. The Vice-Chair is an elected role at AGM and develops into the role of Chair.
  • Assists and supports the Chair
  • Takes on any duties of the Chair by mutual agreement
  • Deputises for the Chair in their absence
  • Is the Club's Chair elect
Function AdministrationTop of Page

It is important that records of all correspondence, minutes of meetings, results of competitions, attendance and membership details are produced, kept up-to-date and accurate. The Chair and Vice-Chair have a role in administration of the Clubs affairs. However, this function principally belongs to the Clubs Secretary and Membership Registrar.

Position Description Significant Responsibilities
Club Secretary The purpose of this role is to deal with all necessary correspondence, minutes and records of meetings. The Club Secretary is an elected role at AGM and has a term of office of one year subject to renewal according to rule 5.6.
  • Deals with all Club correspondence minutes and records
  • Prepares agendas for the Club meetings
  • Takes notes at all Club admin meetings
  • Prepares and distribute minutes of all Club admin meetings
  • Handles all matters of correspondence pertaining to the Club administration
  • Is the point of contact for all the Clubs administrative functions
Membership Registrar The purpose of this role is to manage all membership registration matters, to record all competition results and to retain on file all competition certificates and feedback. There is a link with finance because members pay subscriptions. The Membership Registrar is an elected role at AGM and has a term of office of one year subject to renewal according to rule 5.6.
  • Manage all Club membership matters
  • Create and maintain the Club membership register
  • Oversee a weekly attendance register at rehearsals (including visitors)
  • Assist with the growth and promotion of Club membership
  • Assist with membership retention
  • Register all competition results and feedback
  • Register Club members with BABS
Function FinanceTop of Page

The Club is financed through levying member fees, charging for sing-out performances and receiving donations. The principle source of funding is member subscriptions and therefore the Membership Registrar has a role to play in finance. However, the significant roles in this function are the Treasurer and the Auditors.

Position Description Significant Responsibilities
Treasurer The purpose of this role is to mange all the Clubs financial matters and to advise on appropriate levels of subscription and fees. The role ensures that the Clubs level of income and contingency, balances the Clubs costs and expenditure. The Treasurer is an elected role at AGM and has a term of office of one year subject to renewal according to rule 5.6.
  • Collect subs and all monies due to the Club
  • Pays all Club bills and agreed members' expenses
  • Prepares income/expense reports for Club meetings
  • Budget preparation when necessary
  • Advises on levels of subscriptions and fees
  • Long range financial planning
  • Grant application
  • Prepares annual accounts for the AGM and submit them to the Auditors
Auditors The purpose of this role is to audit the Clubs accounts each year and to report on the probity and accuracy of the accounts. Two auditors are appointed from the membership each year. The Auditors are appointed at the AGM for the specific task of auditing the Club accounts.
  • To audit the Clubs annual accounts
  • To assess accuracy and probity
  • To recommend improvements where necessary
  • To report to the membership at the AGM
Function Public RelationsTop of Page

The Club requires an outward facing mechanism to establish and maintain connection with our local communities, other harmony singing groups and nationally with BABS. The Club needs to be marketed in the best light and presented in a way that is attractive to new members and to all those who may want to use SCC in performances at a variety of event types. The significant roles for this function are the Public Relations Officer and the IT Officer.

Position Description Significant Responsibilities
Public Relations Officer The purpose of this role is to manage all the publicity requirements of the Club and Chorus. To ensure that the Club is presented to best advantage through our website and publicity materials. The PRO is an elected role at AGM and has a term of office of one year subject to renewal according to rule 5.6.
  • Liaise with local media for publicity of the Club/Chorus
  • Oversee website and the IT needs of the Club
  • Publicise all Chorus functions
  • Coordinate Club reports and articles for Harmony Express
  • Prepare publicity material on behalf of the Club
  • Ensure the Club and Chorus are presented to best advantage
  • Play an active part in recruitment processes
Sing-out Liaison Officer Sing-outs provide an opportunity for competitive singing, Club fund raising, event performances, charity fund raising and significantly influence Chorus singing motivation. However, there is a capacity limitation that restricts the number of sing-out the Chorus can accommodate annually. The purpose of the SLO role is to coordinate the needs of the Chorus with those of the commissioning clients and customers. All performances are decided by the MD based on information about availability of Chorus members and the suitability of the commissioning context and circumstances. Sing-out Liaison provides this information. This role is an appointment made by management committee according to rule 5.3 and may be renewed by each newly elected committee on an annual basis. Commissioning & Contracting Role
  • Explores potential performance opportunities with a wide range of clients
  • Receives performance requests and makes suitability visits to client venues when necessary
  • Supports the MD by coordinating information from the client, this will include the following:
    • Location – where it is – within a suitable distance and accessible by transport
    • Type of event – what it’s for – formal (dinner/wedding) or informal (party, charity) any special song requests
    • The sort of venue it is – indoors/outdoors – where the chorus will stand, acoustics (attentive audience or a noisy pub – is amplification needed/supplied by host?) if multiple slots, can we repeat songs (e.g. to itinerant passers-by in a shopping arcade)?
    • Times – on performance time(s) and chorus arrival time to allow for warming up.
    • Duration of sing-out - normally no longer than 30mins per set.
    • Svailability of warm-up room and water
    • Necessity for risers (or not) or MD podium.
  • Establish the contract by agreeing fee to be paid, include any conditions of contract (by either party), prepare contract for signing by both parties.
  • Monitor the range of clients and number of performances annually. Advise Committee on number of outings possible in a year (BABS convention, competitions, Events and Xmas programmes)
Performance & Delivery Role
  • Assesses the availability of the Chorus for each performance request
  • Ensure a sing-out sheet showing names of chorus members, details of the event and song content is completed in good time (sample attached).
  • Provides advice and information to the MD with sufficient lead time for decision and programme preparation
  • MD decides if the sing-out can go ahead (with due regard to numbers and chorus image).
  • MD prepares a programme of songs from those being sung up to standard by the Chorus.
  • MD may ask a Chorus member to step out of the line-up if it is felt that person hasn’t learnt the song(s) sufficiently well for sing-out purposes.
  • MD details songs to be sung and in which order, announcer, pitch blower, performance aspects.
  • Liaise with Chorus Manager so then can detail clothes/uniform to be worn at the event (after consultation with MD).
  • Liaise with PRO so they can use website to announce/advertise non-private events and report
  • News after the event – thank host.
  • Liaise with others to organise ticketing, making any other arrangements required (esp for a show)?
  • Liaise with Treasurer to ensure fees/ticket receipts/charity buckets etc and monies are collected.
IT Officer The purpose of this role is to ensure all the Clubs IT requirements are fit for purpose and use. Computer and IT expertise is needed to maintain websites and advise on technology matters. This may involve uploading materials but does not include producing them. This role is an appointment made by management committee according to rule 5.3 and may be renewed by each newly elected committee on an annual basis.
  • Is the Clubs significant advisor on all IT matters
  • Ensures all the Clubs IT is fit for purpose and use
  • Advises on website design and assists with or creates the website
  • Maintains the website ensuring it is up-to-date
  • Uploads materials but is not responsible for creating them
Function Presence & ConductTop of Page

It is important that when the Chorus performs in public our presence and behaviour conforms to the highest standards. This requires appropriate uniform, equipment and discipline. Such standards are overseen by a Chorus Manager assisted by the Material Assets Manager.

Position Description Significant Responsibilities
Chorus Manager The purpose of this role is to ensure the Chorus conforms to the highest standards of behaviour and appearance in public and during rehearsals. It involves ensuring standards of dress and uniform are adhered to and that all equipment is provided and fit for purpose and use. The Chorus Manager is an elected role at AGM and has a term of office of one year subject to renewal according to rule 5.6.
  • Ensures standard of uniform and behaviour are adhered to
  • In liaison with the Treasurer informs members of uniform costs
  • Distributes uniform items and collects fees for them
  • Ensures members know competition and performance details
  • Sets standard of behaviour at rehearsals and performances
  • Point of contact for Chorus members
  • Oversees weekly refreshments
  • Social functions coordinator
Material Assets Manager The purpose of this role is to ensure that a material inventory of all uniforms and equipment belonging to the Club is kept up-to-date and that it is adequately stored and maintained in a state fit for purpose and use. This role is an appointment made by management committee according to rule 5.3 and may be renewed by each newly elected committee on an annual basis.
  • Establishes and maintains an inventory of uniforms/equipment
  • Ensures that Club uniforms/equipment is stored satisfactorily
  • Oversees the return of uniform/equipment to storage after use
  • Oversees the disposal of surplus and out-of-date uniforms/equipment
  • Sources and purchases uniform items and equipment, determines and tracks value of assets overseen by the Treasurer
  • Assists the Chorus Manager on uniform/equipment issues
Singing And Music: The Music TeamTop of Page

The music team prepares the Chorus for singing competitions and performances. They set standards and assess the ability of Club members singing ability prior to admission to the Chorus. The music team have a collective responsibility to develop all Chorus members through enjoyable and educative training and learning processes, including rehearsals so that the Chorus achieves the highest barbershop singing standards within its capability.

Position Description Significant Responsibilities
Musical Director In accordance with the ethos and practice of BABS the Music Team and Chorus are headed by a unique appointment which is the Music Director (MD). The MD is unique because they can be male or female (rule 3.1), they are not a member of the Chorus, they are leader of it and they do not perform with the Chorus they direct the Chorus performances. The appointment of an MD is also unique because the role may be subject to an external recruitment and advertising process. The position of MD is made by Management Committee in accordance with rule 6.2. The role is not time referenced in the same way as other elected positions because of the longer term Chorus development task and the need for Management Committee to have sufficient notice for when an MD stands down. The purpose of the role is to lead and direct the musical activities of the Chorus through a short and long term plan designed to grow the Chorus and improve the quality of singing for competitions, performances and enjoyment.
  • Has overall responsibility for the musical activities of the Club
  • Produces short and long term plans for the development of the Chorus including recruitment
  • Appoints along with the AMD members of the music team
  • Oversees the singing evaluation of the Chorus, its members and new entrants
  • Conducts Chorus rehearsals according to a planned schedule
  • Provides education, support and encouragement to Section Leaders enabling them to develop their sections
  • Prepares the Chorus for competitions and performances
  • Decides the content and appropriateness of competitions and performances
  • Develops methods to improve the performance standards of the Chorus
  • Introduces new music to the Chorus at an appropriate rate and time
  • Plans the means for introducing new material
  • Produces reports for Committee and AGM
  • Is a full voting member of the Management Committee
Assistant Musical Director The purpose of this role is to assist and support the MD in any or all of the duties described in the role of MD. The appointment of AMD is made by Management Committee in accordance with Club rule 6.2. The position of AMD may be drawn from a performing member of the Chorus or recruited externally and may therefore be male or female. In accordance with rule 3.1 females may not sing with the Chorus. The AMD may attend the Management Committee only when deputising for the MD.
  • Assists in all of the responsibilities of the MD
  • Stands in for the MD as appropriate or when required
  • Develops the Chorus through coaching and educational support
  • Plans and executes Chorus rehearsals in the MD's absence
  • Directs the Chorus when required at rehearsals/performances /competitions
  • Provides feedback to the MD as appropriate and when required
  • Helps in the selection process of new songs
  • Assist any of the section leaders in running section rehearsals as appropriate or when necessary
Section Leader The purpose of this role is to strive to improve the quality of their section to the benefit of the whole of the Chorus. They should maintain a positive and fun atmosphere while adhering to the development practices of the music leadership. Section Leaders and their deputies are appointed by the MD with the assistance of the AMD in accordance with Club Rules 6.1 & 6.4.
  • Coach sectional rehearsals
  • Request section rehearsals, off-line rehearsals and singing parts evaluation when deemed necessary
  • Conduct part auditions for the acceptance of section members
  • Maintain communications with section members and advise MD & AMD of any individual member’s concerns or development needs
  • Inform the MD of any problems with new repertoire songs specific to the section
  • Ensure the Deputy Section Leader is able to stand in for them and accept their responsibilities
  • Proficiently use all the development tools used by the music leadership
  • Ensure that all the section members receive music and teaching tapes
  • Performs audits of the sections club music folders and report the status to the Music Librarian
The Music Librarian The purpose of this role is to maintain the clubs library of music and teaching CDs, auditing member’s music folders, when appropriate, ensuring that the Clubs legal use of copyright licenses and intellectual property rights are being observed. The Music Librarian is appointed by the MD with the assistance of the AMD in accordance with Club Rules 6.1 & 6.4.
  • Ensure that the Club holds & distributes only legal copies of all music
  • Maintain sufficient complete repertoire folders for use by visitors
  • Ensure that sufficient copies are ordered for all members and visitors
  • Obtain music in good time for distribution before song launch
  • Maintain a log of Club music and requests further copies of any that fall below required levels.
  • With Section Leaders audits Club members music folders to ensure legality

The MD and AMD may also appoint a Choreographer with duties and tasks determined by them in accordance with Club Rules 6.1 & 6.4