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Felpham Methodist Church Sing Out

12 October 19

A packed audience at Felpham Methodist Church on Sat. 5th October heard a sparkling performance from the chorus on Saturday evening. It was standing room only as Solent sang a wide variety of numbers: from gentle ballads, to spirituals, and finishing with the audience enthusiastically joining in to ‘Amarillo’. It was a special night for new member Murray Downing although a seasoned barbershopper, this was Murray’s first gig with Solent City, coincidentally at his local church. Many of his friends from the church were there to support him and were full of praise for the show. "Please thank your chorus for the wonderful performance last night" Lynne James Felpham Methodist Church

St. Georges Court Sing Out

12 October 19

What a fantastic reception the residents of St. Georges Court , Southsea gave to the Chorus on Wednesday 9th October at our latest sing out. We performed most of the repertoire and could not resist singing Beyond the Sea as we were only a stones throw away from it. Most of the chorus were there and Chris Tweed did his usual great job of introducing the songs...and had some 'help' from certain audience members to add to the enjoyment. Steve used a quartet and then the full chorus to explain how barbershop works which the audience appreciated. Great singing and feedback from the audience and chicken and chips to finish good is that !

Welcome our New Chairman

20 September 19

Congratulations to Dave Potts on being elected as Chairman of Solent City Chorus at the AGM on 18th September 2019. Dave has been a Committee Member for many years and a major influence in the running of the club. So it was perhaps inevitable he would be chairman. We look forward to a new future and will respond to your dedication and enthusiasm. (he has already arranged the first Committee Meeting) You can rely on our support mate !

Barbershopper of the Year 2019

20 September 19

Congratulations to Bob Knowles and Ian Ayres on being jointly voted Barbershoppers of the year. Yes a dead heat - two for the price of one. Fully deserved you have both been outstanding singers and performers this year and we are all proud of what you have achieved

Harmony College - a marvellous experience

11 September 19

Bob Knowles, Felix Mason, Ian Barberry , Dave Potts and Steve Morris attended BABS Harmony College 2019 in Nottingham. With Zac Bools, Sally McClean, Lynn Kidby and Steve Scott educating it, was a rare and wonderful opportunity to advance their barbershop craft with the experts. “We are physically endowed with wonderful instruments. We all can sing. If you encounter anyone who doubts they can sing - correct them. If you encounter limitations in your voice take yourself to one side and have a word.” - Steve Scott Here is what the guys had to say about their experience: Ian Barberry This year was one of those years I will never forget, to have Sally McClean, MD of the White Rosettes, as our Chorus Director was brilliant and to be part of the Harmony College Audition Chorus was a wonderful experience. To participate you have to pass an audition piece which is normally a difficult part of one of the songs, the songs were ‘Hit Me With a Hot Note’ and ‘On the Street Where You Live’ and somewhat hard to learn, then sing with the chorus for two days and then be on the Saturday night show, so the earlier you register the longer you have. You have to be off the page before you get to the weekend. We had lots of good comments from the other delegates, including ‘stunning’, so if you want a fantastic experience, with like minded harmony singers for a brilliant weekend come along next year. Ian B Dave Potts This was the main stream I attended and required learning 6 songs to performance standard in 12 weeks. This was tested on arrival by being required to sing two of the six songs in quartet while being observed by an assessor. (PD on steroids). Going through the learning process and achieving the required standard has given me confidence in the methods we are using to learn songs. Dave P Bob Knowles May I say from the onset – this was one of the most pleasant and rewarding weekends I have had in a long while. I was on the extreme quartet stream and for the last 2 ½ months, I have been living with 6 songs that I was required to learn to performance standard in glorious isolation but on Friday morning, once Lyn Kidby (extreme quartet director) had completed the welcome formalities, we then sang each song in turn (all 35 of us!). A seminal moment as those songs which up to that moment had been mere teach tracks constrained within my ipod came alive as only a chorus of live human voices can produce. The whole weekend was an invaluable learning experience for me, not only attained by the numerous quartet breakout sessions, but also the invaluable ad hoc training workshops etc. I particularly enjoyed the morning tag tutorials with Zac Booles. There were many highlights that will linger long in the memory, but of particular note was the ‘after hours’ singing in the Newark bar, the competition to find the best quartet (not placed sadly but it’s the taking part…!), the first performance of ‘On the Street Where You Live’ by the audition chorus – awesome, Steve Scott’s brilliant keynote presentation and Sound Hypothesis performing at the Saturday night gala event. I will definitely return next year and may well attempt the audition chorus stream providing I can progress pass the audition stage. Bob K

Spinnaker Joint Rehersal

22 August 19

Fantastic joint rehearsal with Spinnaker Chorus on 14th of August 2019 at their place (Blendworth Community Centre, Horndean) . Opportunity for both choruses to showcase some of their favourite repertoire songs plus a couple together. Ladies you looked fabulous and sounded amazing - and the icing on the cake....well it was the cake and the fabulous quartet ....all about the bass , bout the base, no treble - showstopper . We all had a fantastic time - we must do this again soon.

Barbershopper of the Month

22 August 19

Congratulations to Felix Mason for being voted Barbershopper of the Month. A relative new member of the chorus, taking aside his youth and good looks, he has also started learning songs in lead and tenor, is attending harmony college and made a debut at Convention this year. He is developing so fast as a singer and performer....upstaging Dave Potts at the end of My Girl perhaps clinched it for him. Well done mate we are proud of you !

Simons 60th Birthday Celebration

12 August 19

Many thanks to Simon Yates for his 60th Birthday Party celebration which was very well attended by the chorus. Good food, champagne, beer , wine and , of course, very good singing from the Solent City boys. We even coaxed the sun out later on. Thanks also to Yvonne for making happen so successfully. We are starting to apply the good work we do on a Wednesday and delivered a controlled and entertaining performance outdoors to the other party goers. Feeling the love...riding the Chariot....across the wide Missouri.

BABS Convention 2019 Feedback

30 July 19