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Feedback from Portchester WI singout

04 February 20

May I thank you and the lads for the marvellous selection of songs you performed for us on Thursday. I had comments like, ‘brilliant’, ‘the harmonies were amazing’, ‘they were such fun’ and I personally couldn’t stop smiling, bobbing my head and tapping my feet. We most certainly will have you back.

Porchester Village WI Singout

09 January 20

A sparkling evening entertaining the ladies of the Portchester WI. A large and appreciative audience saw Solent City perform some 15 songs, including the latest additions to the repertoire, ‘Love Letters’ and ‘Lullabye’. But wow, the central heating in the Community Centre was working overtime – more Port Elizabeth than Portchester. An excuse, if any were needed, for a visit to The Cormorant pub after the gig to take on well-deserved liquid refreshment. It turned out to be quiz night at The Cormorant, but during a break there was just enough time for the guys to perform ‘Amarillo’ to a terrific reception. A number of patrons came up to congratulate us, one young lady saying she’d never heard anything like it – and in case you’re wondering, we’re pretty confident she meant it in a good way!

Christmas Party 2019

20 December 19

Fantastic turnout for the Solent City Christmas Party at the Red Lion in Southwick, despite awful weather. We Jingle Bell rocked our way into the starter, after Christmas Pudding we sang Lullabye and our final course was Coventry Carol. See Facebook page for photos. Many thanks to Jackie, Simon and Dave for organising a great party. Thanks also to the staff at the Red Lion @RLSouthwick for lovely food and excellent service really looked after us. Best wishes to everyone for Christmas and a Happy and harmonious New Year

Bidbury Mead WI Sing out

20 December 19

To Bedhampton for our last Christmas sing out to St.Nicholas Church and the lovely ladies of the Bidbury Mead WI. No sign of fatigue as the boys Rode that Chariot, got into those Cotton Fields with enthusiasm and then gently eased into a controlled Shenandoah. We again featured our latest songs, Love Letters and Lullaby which were well received by an appreciative audience. We delivered our best yet 'Story of Barbershop' which was a simple but masterful demo of how barbershop works in 5 minutes - the audience were captivated by this. Good job guys very well done everyone.

Padnell WI Christmas Sing out

16 December 19

An eve-of-election gig in Denmead to banish all thoughts of Brexit, the NHS and everything else that’s been dominating the news recently. The guys warmed up at the Forest of Bere pub, before strolling across the road to meet the charming ladies of Denmead WI. After a rousing joint rendition of Jerusalem with our hosts, Solent performed a selection of songs, concluding the first half with “Lullaby” – truly moving according to the ladies. After a short break, there was a carol singalong, followed by more Christmas songs by the chorus. And then back to the pub to eliminate any risk of dehydration. A delightful evening and a really warm reception from the Denmead ladies.

Red Lion at Southwick Sing Out

16 December 19